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Civil/Property Cases and where to file and what type of Lawyer in Kolkata is needed near Tollygunge


Suit for Declaration can be any Suit praying to the Learned Court declaring whether your status of right in the property, or to cancel a document, or any other declaration which is to be made by the Ld. Court. On filling and after trial Learned Court decides the case.


For Restraining Order against the wrongdoer one can file the instant case. the same can be independently filed with any Suit also as per the Purpose or relief is being sort.

It has two Forms Temporary Injunction and Permanent Injunction. To know more and its applicability take advice from an Advocate.


In a joint property where Amicable Partition is not possible and joint possession is being affected by one or more of the co-owners in that event Partition case is filed in respect of partible share of immoveable properties.


To evict a Licensee or Tenant or Lessee or any Illegal Occupier eviction suit is to be made in order to evict them with due process of law.

For filling any Civil Suit in Kolkata the "City Civil and Sessions Court" is the Court where the Civil Suit is to be filed and above a certain valuation the said case is to be filed before the High Court at Calcutta under Original Jurisdiction. The same is decided by the Jurisdiction of the Police Station.

In places which is under broader Kolkata but within District South 24 Parganas the Same Can be Filed before the Alipore District ans Session Judges/ Sealdah Court, Baruipore Court and in case of North 24 Parganas (eg. Saltlake) the same can be filed in Barasat District Court and the other subordinate courts under it.

Any Advocates in Kolkata /Lawyers in Kolkata near Tollygunge can fight for you by institution this case and can defend you otherwise. But it is my recommendation that you choose only Advocates/Lawyers who are practicing Civil Cases only to fight for/defend a civil suit.

-- blogged by Pratik Gayen

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