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Lawyer near Behala for Divorce Cases

Law of Divorce is guided by several Acts and provisions and the same is used according to need of the Cases. As the Lawyers chooses how to make the applications of such provisions it is better that one must tell the actual true facts to the Lawyer and based on that the Lawyer will advice the appropriate solutions.

  • Types of Divorce?

There are two types of Divorce cases one is "Divorce on Mutual Consent" or "Mutual Divorce" and another is called "Contested Divorce" or "Divorce in Contested form".

  • Mutual Divorce

There is no Ground for Mutual Divorce if the Parties agrees to dissolve the Marriage amicably and according to their terms they can file the Divorce before the District Judge. The Separation before filling the Mutual Divorce in Kolkata must be more than 1 year.

  • Divorce in Contested Form

In this type of Divorce one Party files the case against the other one stating the allegations that he/she have against the other party. The case and pleadings are to be proved by document and witnesses.

There are grounds like Adultery, Cruelty, Desertion, Insanity, Conversion of Religion, Venereal disease, Presumption of death etc.

You can be assisted if you are looking for an Advocate in Kolkata or Lawyer in Kolkata for Divorce matters regarding Estimated Cost and expenses of Proceedings and You may call at +919051442439 or may Come to the chamber after fixing an Appointment.

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