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Mutual Divorce in West Bengal and Kolkata

Marriage is a sacred institution. No one knows how the dark times falls upon a marital life.

For dissolution of marriage by a decree of Divorce on mutual consent in kolkata or rather anywhere in India needs the following Documents for preparation of an Application.

Documents Required:

1) Marriage Registration Certificate in case of Marriage happened under the Special Marriage Act 1954. and Photos/Marriage invitation Card + Marriage Registration Certificate (if available) in case of Marriage happened under the Hindu rites and customs.

2) Aadhar Card/Voter Id Cards of both the Parties (Husband and Wife)

3) passport Size Photos of both the parties Two in nos. of each.

4) Certificate of Birth (if there is child/children)


From the date of Filling of the Case before the District Judge the Parties have to wait for at least 6 months which is the reconciliation period. After passing of the said period the Parties will be able to put the matter in hearing and dissolve the marriage.

You are always advised to take proper Legal advice by visiting us or any other lawyer in kolkata for divorce proceeding or before taking any steps.

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